Four children live in a small village that is nestled in between a mountain range, a valley and an ocean. They live simply and peacefully, often exploring the nearby woods and valleys for food and adventure. One day while out searching for chickleberries, they stumble across a hidden entrance that leads them into a previously unexplored cave. They explore the cave, looking for adventure and any other possible entrances. Before they know it, the adventurers are hopelessly lost in the maze of dark tunnels
Muscala has lived in this dark cave for many moons and tells them the story of a missing amulet that he has been searching for. His searches have always been unsuccessful. The amulet belongs to a sorcerer named Lotor, and Muscala explains that if he returns the missing amulet to the sorcerer, he will become Lotor’s right hand man. Muscala believes that he knows where this amulet is, but admits that it is in a location that he can’t physically get to. Muscala makes the children an offer, realizing that they are smaller than he and that they can travel through the tunnels that he cannot. He tells them to go and find the amulet, and if they do, he will help them rescue the trapped child. He explains further that if they don’t, the trapped child will die. The children realize that they don’t have a choice in the matter, and head off in search of the gem. Along the way, they find other mysterious creatures, unexplained magic, and answers to some of their unanswered questions.
As they try to find their way through the dark labyrinth they encounter various creatures that call the darkness home - some good, some evil.
One of these creatures tells them where they can find another entrance and, as they search for it, one of the children falls. A rescue seems hopeless, as they don’t have the proper supplies, and they have no idea where they are so they can’t go for help. As they realize this, the one creature that lives in the cave, Muscala, confronts them. He offers to help them get the trapped child out of the abyss, but this offer does not come from the goodness of this creature’s darkened heart.

This is a touching story of love and courage, successes and failures. It is one of magical stones, mysterious creatures, and tales of dragons that lived long ago. More importantly, however, it is a story of dreams, both imagined and shattered.

The journey through the cave is one that becomes the journey of a lifetime that leads to the children learning a lot about themselves and each other. The challenges that they deal with in the tunnels of darkness force them to make adult decisions and ultimately take them into a world only seen in their dreams.

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Dragon's Blood