It doesn't take long after traveling through the mysterious portal for the children of Uncava to realize they are lost and separated in a strange, new world.

With no allies and no map to tell them where they are, what will they do? How will they survive? More importantly, who is watching them?






After narrowly escaping the jaws of an angry and arrogant beast, the children find themselves separated and facing new challenges in a strange, new world. As they work their way across unfamiliar valleys and treacherous mountains, they encounter more mysteries and strange creatures. Along the way, they also find answers to some of their questions, but these answers only lead to more questions.
Who is ‘Little Draco’, and why is it so important that they find him?
How will they find each other now that their group is separated in an unknown world?
Why did the stones lose their magic?
What mysteries lie behind Dragon’s Blood?
Who is being held prisoner in the depths of the Castle Defigo?
What is it that is drawing them East?
Lastly and most importantly, who or what else crossed through the portal ?
As the children of Uncava struggle to unravel these questions, they don’t realize they are slowly working their way towards their destiny, becoming a part of something much bigger than they could have ever imagined.

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The Prisoner

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