The boys know it is imperative for them to find some way to cross this water as they search for the castle, for it is here where the mysterious blue amulet is said to be hidden, the one known in the world of Euqinom as ‘Dragon’s Tear’.
In the beginning of their journey they talk to Boheall, an ancient and mysterious creature who first tells them a story, then instructs them to go to the Dryas Forest and search of another creature named Teresia. If they can find her, it is she who will guide them safely through the many dangers hiding in the forest. If all goes well, they will find themselves on the edge of a large and body of water that is home to the Castle of Tears. When they get there, however, they find an ominously dark and dangerous body water where growling, unseen creatures lurk in the gloomy shadows.

Will the boys be able to find this very important second amulet, the only one that has already fallen into an evil sorcerer’s hands? And if they are able to find it, will they succeed in retrieving it and return it to the dragons without becoming victims of their own incredible journey.

By the time you finish this, the third book in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles series, you will be halfway through your own magical journey into the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles!

In the sequel to The Prisoner, we find ourselves traveling with the boys from Uncava. Nicho and Micah, reunited in the Yarnie village, are instructed by Katielda to head east as they continue their search for the missing girls. Unbeknownst to them, they are also on their way to answering very important questions in an adventure of a lifetime. They soon find they have no choice but to follow the advice of fellow allies as they pursue another very special gem and other mysterious creatures.
The other books in this series are:

Dragon’s Blood: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles Book One

The Prisoner: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles Book Two

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Dragon's Tear



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